Need Some Help Trolling Help


I’m pretty new to fishing and this will be my first year trolling the bay and I am trying to get some tips. I will be leaving out of Deale, MD to go fishing every time. I have read to troll the edge of the channel. I’m not asking for anyone’s spots but is there good place to start where I’m coming from? Should I troll to the channel then continue trolling along it, or should I just run to the channel then setup to start trolling. How deep and shallow do you want to go along the edges? Is one side of the channel better then the other side in this area or does it not matter. I have a lot of options of tackle to troll with but I plan on only starting with 6 rods to start with til I know exactly what I’m doing and then I plan on moving up to 9 rods. 3 out the back and 3 on planers on each side. I have white and chartreuse tandems, daisy chains and umbrellas and I have a 19 and 21 tony acceta spoon. I read about running different weights on the lines to cover all levels of the water column.
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