How (and Why) B2b Buyers Begin The Purchase Process

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Knowing which channels provide the most opportunity and the greatest ROI can help you make the most of the budget you have available – and this is a BIG deal as many marketers understand that getting a lot of business budget isn’t always easy. A 2013 survey from Sagefrog found that 45% of business-to-business (B2B) companies are expecting to increase their marketing budgets in 2013. But, where exactly are those budgets going? What do current budget trends mean for CMOs? Let’s find out. Related: The 2013 B2B Marketing Outlook and 3 Questions to Consider B2B Marketing Budget Allocation Spending budget in the right areas is a must. If your business fails to focus on the areas that provide the greatest ROI (whether your objective is engagement, leads, etc.) you’ll be spending a lot and straining your resources. The top five areas of marketing spend, according to the survey’s respondents are: website development, online marketing, tradeshows and events, email marketing and advertising. When it comes to top lead sources for B2B marketers, Sagefrog found that referrals, tradeshows and events, and email marketing produced the most leads while telemarketing and direct mail produced the least.
This article has been curated from What B2B Marketing Budget Trends Mean for CMO Evolution

Want: To Leverage New Technology Businesses want to be able to outshine competitors. In many instances, it’s the technology they utilize that enables this to happen. Businesses want to leverage new technology and over a third of buyers scored this as an 8 or above in terms of importance in instigating a new business purchase. What This Means for Your Business: Have a new feature, service or product offering that will enable your buyers to get their hands on and make the most of the latest technology?
This article has been curated from How (and Why) B2B Buyers Begin the Purchase Process


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