How B2b Buyers Seek Information And How You Can Fill The Void

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Marketing is more complex than ever. In fact, a recent BtoB study found that only 36% of marketers feel their current marketing programs effectively address all stakeholders and 40% feel targeting and segmentation tools are effective in helping them reach their target audience. Marketing is  always on and customer’s want real-time content and responses from businesses they’re considering making a purchase from. Additionally, as marketing and technology become more intertwined, complexity in managing both has increased. Look to simplify things so you don’t become overwhelmed or lost in data. Some may be touting the accuracy of marketing funnels or if the same structure that’s existed in the past still applies.
This article has been curated from Marketing’s Mind-Numbing New Era

A recent B2B Marketing report found that the most sought after information by buyers are pricing information (71%), technical/product/service specs (60%), and industry/competitive comparison ( Tweet this! ). While 32% of buyers sought the advice of a company expert, half that number looked for the opinion of their peers. Similarly, the most useful information according to respondents of the study came from a known friend or colleague. What This Means for Your Business: When you create content, especially more robust pieces such as whitepapers and e-books, focus on these top 3 types of information. Blog posts with industry trends and what different businesses are using, a whitepaper with product specification differences, or an infographic with pricing information will all meet these needs. Related: Behavioral Marketing: Best Practices for B2B Marketers What Do Buyers Want the Information to Look Like? The findings from the report suggest physical events are highly effective ways to communicate with prospective buyers. One in three buyers attended a live event, and they were rated the single most influential information type ( Tweet this!
This article has been curated from How B2B Buyers Seek Information and How You Can Fill the Void


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