Earthquake In Remote Pakistan

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And yet their link to this land may soon be broken: Smith Island is eroding. Though scientists differ on how long it will be before the island is underwater, anywhere between 30 and 100 years, there is no dispute about the cause: rising seas. The global trend of rising ocean levels is especially acute in the Chesapeake Bay, where water is rising at twice the world average. To make matters worse, the land around the Chesapeake is sinking: a trend scientists call post-glacial subsidence. According to a state-commissioned task force, Maryland is now losing 260 acres of tidal shoreline annually.
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Most of the victims were crushed when the walls of their mud brick houses caved in. Residents said the quake hit during the few hours of the day when the village had electricity, so many children were at home watching television. — Lloyd Young ( 22 photos ) A Pakistani girl walks on the rubble of a house destroyed following an earthquake in Labach, the remote district of Awaran in Baluchistan province, Pakistan, on Sept. 26.
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How (and Why) B2b Buyers Begin The Purchase Process

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Knowing which channels provide the most opportunity and the greatest ROI can help you make the most of the budget you have available – and this is a BIG deal as many marketers understand that getting a lot of business budget isn’t always easy. A 2013 survey from Sagefrog found that 45% of business-to-business (B2B) companies are expecting to increase their marketing budgets in 2013. But, where exactly are those budgets going? What do current budget trends mean for CMOs? Let’s find out. Related: The 2013 B2B Marketing Outlook and 3 Questions to Consider B2B Marketing Budget Allocation Spending budget in the right areas is a must. If your business fails to focus on the areas that provide the greatest ROI (whether your objective is engagement, leads, etc.) you’ll be spending a lot and straining your resources. The top five areas of marketing spend, according to the survey’s respondents are: website development, online marketing, tradeshows and events, email marketing and advertising. When it comes to top lead sources for B2B marketers, Sagefrog found that referrals, tradeshows and events, and email marketing produced the most leads while telemarketing and direct mail produced the least.
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Want: To Leverage New Technology Businesses want to be able to outshine competitors. In many instances, it’s the technology they utilize that enables this to happen. Businesses want to leverage new technology and over a third of buyers scored this as an 8 or above in terms of importance in instigating a new business purchase. What This Means for Your Business: Have a new feature, service or product offering that will enable your buyers to get their hands on and make the most of the latest technology?
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Fishing Report Wash Canyon 9/21


Fished the Washington Saturday. Got out early to be there at first light. Chunked in the notch around a large pack of boats. First hook-up was about 8:30, WM hit a chunk. After he realized he was hooked he put on a show, but the 40 lb FC could not stay together. Nothing else until 10 when a school of skippies swam by and we pulled a YFT from under them along with a skippy. Reset the drift a few times and hooked up another YFT around 1. Slow day. We watched some charters driving around and dropping jigs or chunks on fish. Always Late had a good day doing that in the same area we were. Wish I knew how they were doing that!
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How B2b Buyers Seek Information And How You Can Fill The Void

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Marketing is more complex than ever. In fact, a recent BtoB study found that only 36% of marketers feel their current marketing programs effectively address all stakeholders and 40% feel targeting and segmentation tools are effective in helping them reach their target audience. Marketing is  always on and customer’s want real-time content and responses from businesses they’re considering making a purchase from. Additionally, as marketing and technology become more intertwined, complexity in managing both has increased. Look to simplify things so you don’t become overwhelmed or lost in data. Some may be touting the accuracy of marketing funnels or if the same structure that’s existed in the past still applies.
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A recent B2B Marketing report found that the most sought after information by buyers are pricing information (71%), technical/product/service specs (60%), and industry/competitive comparison ( Tweet this! ). While 32% of buyers sought the advice of a company expert, half that number looked for the opinion of their peers. Similarly, the most useful information according to respondents of the study came from a known friend or colleague. What This Means for Your Business: When you create content, especially more robust pieces such as whitepapers and e-books, focus on these top 3 types of information. Blog posts with industry trends and what different businesses are using, a whitepaper with product specification differences, or an infographic with pricing information will all meet these needs. Related: Behavioral Marketing: Best Practices for B2B Marketers What Do Buyers Want the Information to Look Like? The findings from the report suggest physical events are highly effective ways to communicate with prospective buyers. One in three buyers attended a live event, and they were rated the single most influential information type ( Tweet this!
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Chrissy Teigen Shares A Picture Of Her Wedding Gown!

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Celebrities at New York London Week September 2013 Front-Row Status: See All the Stars at London Fashion Week! September 15, 2013 0 London Fashion Week is underway, and plenty of stars are stepping out for the fun overseas. Victoria Beckham smiled for the camera’s at British Vogue’s London Fashion Week party, while Harry Styles took a front-row seat at the House of Holland show.
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John Legend and Chrissy Teigen Wedding in Italy Pictures Chrissy Teigen Shares A Picture of Her Wedding Gown! September 15, 2013 0 Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are married ! The couple tied the knot during an intimate ceremony at Lake Como in Italy on Saturday and today Chrissy shared an instagram photo of her gown. John and Chrissy made things official with the help of many famous friends since model Brooklyn Decker reportedly served as Chrissy’s maid of honor, while Kanye West was counted among those on the guest list for the fancy nuptials.
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Returning To Sicily

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Tired and jet lagged. But oh so happy after the incredible past ten days I’ve spent with Marta and our group gathered at El Esparragal in Andalusia. As a few students exclaimed when our small bus pulled in front of the main house, the photos on their website are far from doing justice to the beauty and warmth of the place! We are lucky! What an incredible experience we’ve had! I need a few days to gather my thoughts and rest my body, but I promise to be back with pictures and words about it all.
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I mean, it was snowing in Sicily in March, and we had not thought about that possibility. But thankfully, the snow didn’t last. And thankfully, despite a chilly weather to start, we had an amazing week with fabulous people who had flown from all around the world for the cooking, food styling and photography workshop Fabrizia and I were running together. I cannot thank them all enough for having traveled to Sicily to spend that week with us.
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Man’s 74-model £20 Million Mercedes Collection Heads To Auction

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Man’s 74-Model £20 million Mercedes Collection Heads to Auction
Mercedes-Benz Auction RM Auctions Classic Cars
That’s a Benz collection Leno would be proud of.
Spanning a century of models, a collection of 74 Mercedes-Benz vehicles will cross the auction block next week at RM Auctions who expects up to £20 million to be spent on the Silver Stars. The enviable fleet has been put together by an anonymous collector, who is offering two 1938 Mercedes 540k carbios amongst an ambulance, limousines and a replica of the world’s first car, the 1886 Benz Patent Motorwagen.
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