Firefox Mobile Operating System Hits U.S. – $80 Phone, No Contract


What does this mean for your small business? If you don’t already have a small business mobile marketing strategy, or it’s been on the back burner and you haven’t done much with it, it’s time to shift your priorities. Small Business Mobile Marketing Optimize for Mobile Smartphone and tablet screens are smaller and your website has to be able to function on reduced screen real estate . If consumers can’t read or navigate your site on a mobile device, they’ll head for the nearest competitor with a mobile-friendly website. Some website platforms, like, have built-in mobile optimization tools. If your site is built with WordPress, you should check to make sure this option is enabled on your dashboard.
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An Unlocked Phone and an Open Source App Store The difference here is that (as mentioned before) the ZTE Firefox phone will be unlocked. This means you are not limited to service from a single mobile carrier and can choose whatever mobile plan suits you or switch plans easily without switching phones. This could include a pay-as-you-go plan , for example, as opposed to a two year contract. An unlocked phone also gives small business owners and entrepreneurs who travel internationally the option to save money on their mobile service while abroad. Instead of purchasing an expensive international plan from your existing carrier, you can often buy a much cheaper pre-paid plan when you reach your destination and simply use it while you are there. Mozilla has even set up a Firefox Marketplace where you  can find apps for your new phone. It includes popular choices like Twitter and Facebook already.
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